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Stainless Steel Finishes

Polished Stainless

Brushed Stainless

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Matte Black

Stainless Steel Finishes are only offered on our PL50, PL60, PL70, and PL80 ProLine Sliders.

Standard Finishes

Silver / Chrome


Brushed Nickel

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Matte Black

Satin and Gold are only offered on select products. Finish availability varies by model. The colors shown are close representations. For exact matching, see your Alumax dealer.

Glass Patterns






Glue Chip

Glass availability varies by model. Please contact your CSR for Glass availability in your region.

CAUTION: Safety tempered glass is resistant to breakage, but it can still break. If pressure is applied to open or close the door, attempting to cut or alter the glass in any way, or if the glass is not properly handled or maintained, the glass is subject to break. Examples to consider would include falling against the glass if you slip in the tub or shower, using the towel bar to pull yourself up out of the tub or shower, lifting up on the glass if the door hardware has been dislodged, pushing excessively on the door if it seems to be stuck in some manner, or using abrasive cleaners such as scoring pads that can damage the surface of the glass. Please refer to our warning statements and warranty or contact us for additional information.

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